Vehicle owners take pride in what they drive - a decade ago, having a flashy paint job that displayed your personality, unique rims, eye-catching decals and other unique accessories were a hot commodity. Over time, that has shifted to be more tech focused - that’s where Eurofed of Austin comes in. Aftermarket products provide a personalized interior that makes your vehicle more than just a means of getting to and from commitments - it’s completely unique, one-of-a-kind. These features offer a bespoke make-over that displays your personality to all of your passengers and brings a new level of convenience to your daily driving.

The transfer from vanity to functionality and convenience is due to a shift in consumer desires. This shift can be traced to the mass introduction of smartphones, which allow a high degree of personalized content and services - from changing Siri’s voice, your phone background, choosing a uniquely colored phone or case; the possibilities are endless.

Looking at automotive trends, the next “big thing” with a direct effect on the user experience that Eurofed in the hill country of Texas is excited to address¬† is the increase in personalization primarily in these two areas:

  1. First and foremost, allowing features to be personalized to the driver or user in the vehicle, and not to the car itself - meaning each driver has a unique experience. This is a ‘nice-to-have’ in current ownership models, but quickly becomes important when thinking of shared vehicles.
  2. Second to this is the transferability and portability of settings and preferences across multiple devices and platforms, allowing for a consistent and seamless user experience - a car’s memory, so to speak.These can range from the ability to set simple user profiles, to leveraging machine learning that will gain knowledge of the user’s habits and preferences; such as a seat position, the AC being set to a certain temperature and more.

We are not just European Automotive Experts by trade, this is our passion and we are here to care for your vehicle regardless of age or needs. We only use quality parts and certified technicians because we understand how much you love your vehicle and only want the best for it. Give us a call or make an appointment today. We provide dealership level diagnostics and service with a personal feel.

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