Full Service European Auto Shop in Austin, TX

Eurofed Automotive offers a high-quality shop with skilled ASE-certified European auto repair technicians. Our crew has the technology, training, and experience to service any European make or model. Whether you drive a new BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or late model Maserati, we guarantee our staff has the passion and intelligence to give your car the care it needs. We have the desire and the commitment to provide anything from a simple brake fluid service to oil leak diagnostic and repair to an engine rebuild and reseal.

Our Guarantee

A 24-month/24,000-mile warranty backs our services, and our technicians can get the job done right the first time around. Our team can coordinate and perform Factory Scheduled Services, handle cooling system repairs, perform transmission services, or offer wheel alignment. We offer your European car the highest quality of service to ensure a positive experience and give your McLaren, Porsche, or Audi the best car care around. You can trust us to give you and your car the attention it deserves.

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European Auto Service & Performance Specialists in Austin, TX

Eurofed has made every effort to give you the best possible European auto repair service. We are the leader in European automotive performance with years of experience to back it. We have partnered with industry-leading brands such as 034, APR, Unitronic and DME Tuning to provide a variety of aftermarket performance parts. We won’t just throw parts at a problem; we believe in solving the cause of the issue. We believe in transparency with the customer through honesty and going above and beyond expectations.

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Call us for an appointment at (512) 294-2291, or stop in and see us at the first sign of trouble! Let us keep your car safe, and ready at all times to move your family to its destination!

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